Alison and Naoya

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Our Story

Little did we know that the grand bouquet of red roses that Naoya well-earned and then gave to Alison on stage after he finished an inspiring performance with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra back in 2005 would be the first of more flowers he'd gift her! After we each graduated from Stanford (with the same major!), Naoya finished grad school at Juilliard and worked in management consulting at Bain in Tokyo, and Alison completed med school and emergency medicine residency in Chicago. Music reconnected us when we were both living back in the Bay Area. Attending two concerts together (the first one completely coincidental!) led to a quartet sightreading party, which led to a shared delicious Korean dinner... and the rest is history! We've enjoyed fun adventures together across 5 continents and cannot wait to celebrate our most exciting adventure yet in Los Cabos with all of you!
Susan Moyal